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Signing Electronic Documents at Sea?
Your Digital Identity is like your Fingerprint.
Don’t leave it to Third-party Systems.

Marine Vessel Pass

Want to speed up your signing process by digitising and removing wet ink stamps & signatures?

E-sign maritime electronic transaction documents (such as eBDNs, eBLs, eCQs and eDOs) quickly and securely, with tamper-proof signatures and stamps managed by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Thinking of making your signing process digital, but not sure if it’s secure?

All documents that are signed with MVP are locked instantly and tamper-proof.

You can also view what your ship signs in real-time and with complete audit logs.

Plus, S&P Global Market Intelligence validates the AIS location of the Ship at the time of signing. If any discrepancy is identified, an alert would be sent to the Operators and registered parties.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Not sure if your counterparty is authorised to sign your e-Documents, when transacting at sea?

All MVP activation requests by Ship Owners and Managers are verified by S&P Global Market Intelligence and instantly updated to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Database, to ensure accountability in the use of the Digital Identity.

Only Ship Owners and Managers have the permission and access to update their MVP Digital Identity.

Protect your identity and signed e-Documents from being tampered with or accessed without your knowledge or permission, with MVP.

Wish there’s a simpler way to manage multiple systems access without having to remember passwords?

MVP makes the login process for your crew much more simple yet highly secure, by preventing unauthorised third party systems from storing your ship stamp and crew signatures.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Want your digital identity to stay consistent across all your systems?

Connect all your data workflows and systems – all in one place – without sacrificing security.

Simplify your Operations at Sea
By Connecting to the World's Largest Maritime Digital Identity database

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