Digital signature verification

Get a peace of mind when transacting

e-Sign maritime electronic transaction documents (such as eBDNs, eBLs, eCQs and eDOs) quickly and securely, with tamper-proof signatures and stamps managed by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Marine Vessel Pass

In collaboration with international maritime authorities

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Guaranteed Tamper-proof

Unlike electronic signatures which can be tampered, our digital signatures are generated using cryptographic algorithms.

Once signed, your documents can never be modified without invalidating the signature.

Only the Right Person Signs

To ensure that identities are authentic, MVP verifies using multiple factors such as Ship Digital Identity, Registered Device and Biometric Verification.

Plus, MVP links identities directly with S&P Global Market Intelligence (SPGMI) which manages the IMO Database – where states and companies are required to maintain updated records.

Rest assured that only the intended recipient who is validated and permissioned, signs your documents or transactions.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

SPGMI Transaction Verification

No more wet ink signatures and stamps.

Speed up verification processes with digital stamps verified and issued by S&P Global Market Intelligence (SPGMI) and location verification by SPGMI during bunker operations via AIS.

Ensure document integrity with audit log and SPGMI verified location during bunker operations via AIS.

Document Vault

Ensure document integrity with audit logs.

Easily track and view the latest version and status of all the documents signed by your fleet – whether they are pending, signed, or rejected – all in one platform.

Marine Vessel Pass

Trusted by the maritime community

1411 e-Documents signed at sea
  • eBDN
  • eBL
  • CQ


Still have questions? We’ve got answers

What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

Both types of signatures are used to sign and authenticate a digital contract or record. They are a legal substitute for handwritten signatures.

Electronic signatures attach electronic symbols or processes to a document to indicate intent to sign. They could be as simple as typing a name into a signature field, clicking an "I agree" button, or even using a stylus to draw a handwritten signature on a touchscreen.

Digital signatures, on the other hand, have an additional layer of cryptographic algorithms for extra security.

Are digital signatures secure?

Digital signatures are cryptographically linked to the signer.

If there are any changes made to a signed electronic document, the signature will become invalid.

Multiple users can sign on the same document. Their credentials will be uniquely linked to the document and identifiable to the signers.

How are documents verified?

MVP will check the following information to verify the document:

  • Ship stamp issued by SPGMI
  • Signatories’ ID validation
  • Physical operations data points
  • Device(s) used
  • Date & time of transaction
  • Location(s) of supplying and receiving vessel(s)
  • Unique content/transaction hash code

How do I create an e-Document?

  1. Upload your e-Document. There are 3 ways to upload:
    1. Receive e-documents through a system that has been integrated with MVP.
    2. Upload the document.
    3. Take a photo of a paper document for signing.
  2. Place the fields into the document:
    • A QR code generated for the recipient
    • Signatures and Ship stamps (including counterparty’s)
  3. Sign the document.
  4. Send the document to be signed by your recipient.

Where is the data stored?

There are 3 ways you can choose to store data:
1. Shared Service Storage
2. Store on the Public Blockchain
3. Store in your own Servers (Enterprise version)

How is confidentiality maintained?

MVP only retains the document’s versioning hash code as proof of transaction.

You can also enhance the privacy and confidentiality of your data and documents with our Enterprise Version.

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