SHIP DIGITAL Identity with S&P Global Market Intelligence

Know who you’re transacting with

Authenticate and onboard vessels easily with verified identity data retrieved from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) database managed by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Marine Vessel Pass

In collaboration with international maritime authorities

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Identities from a trusted source of truth

S&P Global Market Intelligence is the exclusive authority responsible for issuing and verifying unique maritime identifiers like International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ship Numbers.

Marine Vessel Pass (MVP) developed the world's first digital identities for ships in collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence – where onboarding is handled entirely by the S&P Global Market Intelligence team.

With 175 countries endorsing the IMO convention, rest assured that the identities of vessels are trustworthy and accurate across the seas.

Real-time updates

Save time and streamline your processes.

Instantly see what your ship signs at sea.

Automatically update all your ship identity data to the IMO Database instantly.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Enhanced Security

Ensure that only right personnel and authorised devices are used for your operations at sea.

Get alerts if new devices are used to login to your Digital Identities or if your Digital Identity is used in a different location from your Ship’s current AIS location.

Trusted by the maritime community

1411 e-Documents signed at sea
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