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No more waiting 30 days to get paid
No more chasing payments

Collect payments – mooring charges, water fees & port fees – instantly once your documents are signed.

Marine Vessel Pass

In collaboration with international maritime authorities

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Get paid faster

No more chasing invoices and mountains of paperwork.

As soon as a document is signed, your customers can pay you immediately.

Reduce data entry errors

Connect with all your payment and accounting systems to process your data more accurately.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Pay easily with Virtual Cards

Receive a virtual commercial card in your wallet to be used to pay your suppliers.

Trusted by the maritime community

1411 e-Documents signed at sea
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How do I set up Vessel Pay?

Contact us today to create your corporate debit and credit facility.

Are payments secure?

Yes, we work with payment processors you can trust. We act as a merchant service, seamlessly integrating with trusted payment gateways that are all security-focused and PCI DSS compliant, giving you a peace of mind over your online payment processing.

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