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Just Scan, Sign, and Sail on!

Streamline your Maritime Operations by connecting to the World’s largest Maritime Database

Marine Vessel Pass

Taking too long to get paid for a job done?

Get paid on time with Vessel Pay.

Remove payment risks from your operations today, with electronic payments.

Don’t know who you are signing with?

Authenticate and onboard vessels easily with verified identity data retrieved from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) database managed by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Want to make sure your documents or transactions at sea cannot be tampered?

Enable your crew to digitally sign and lock any e-Doc at sea with MVP.

Taking too long to find out what’s happening to your Documents or Transactions signed at sea?

Enable your Shore Personnel to see what your ship endorses instantly.

Marine Vessel Pass
Marine Vessel Pass

Operating on tight schedules and wish there’s a simpler way to manage access?

With MVP, ship personnel can simply scan a QR code on the delivery order and get immediate access once verified.

No more multiple passwords and wastage of paper.
Go digital and save time with MVP.

Simplify your Operations at Sea
By Connecting to the World's Largest Maritime Digital Identity database

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